Ken rockwell nikon p1000

The Coolpix P is a high-end, enthusiast-level bridge camera from Nikon. Its headline feature is its x optical zoom lens, which gives you a 35mm equivalent zoom range of mm, making it unsurpassed in the market. It follows on from the Nikon P, which made its debut back inand features a 83x zoom. There are two ways to think about the Nikon P Of course because of the huge lens, the bulk of the camera is taken up by that, with a very wide lens diameter and very weighty feel to it.

The Nikon P is roughly DSLR-like in design, in that it has a deep, chunky grip, a familiar array of dials and buttons familiar to DSLR usersand a viewfinder which sits in the middle of the back of the camera.

The grip has a textured coating, while it is recessed in to accommodate your middle finger while your forefinger rests on the shutter release. Alternatively you can switch it off and have the ring not control anything. By holding down this button, the lens will zoom out, allowing you to find your subject, and once you let go of the button, the zoom will resume to the same length.

Found on the top of the grip is a mode dial, which contains all the usual automatic and semi-automatic modes P,A,S as well as manual mode. Another dial is found on the top of the Nikon Coolpix P, which can be used to adjust shutter speed when shooting in either manual mode or shutter priority.

Around the shutter release button there is another zoom switch, which you can use instead of the zoom switch on the side of the lens if you prefer. A small function button can be found just behind the shutter release, and can be customised to control a wide variety of different settings, including drive mode, ISO, white balance, Picture Control, AF area mode and so on. It shows a bright and clear view of the scene in front of you, with no noticeable lag. Speaking of the screen, the P has a fully articulating device.

That makes it very useful for shooting from awkward angles, including for selfies and for video use. On the downside, the screen is not touch-sensitive, which is a bit of a shame for such an expensive camera. The flash itself pops out quite high above the lens, and can just be pushed back into place when not in use.

It can be charged via USB. On the whole, focusing is quick and accurate when using the Nikon P However, when the lens is zoomed to its full length, it can sometimes struggle to acquire focus on very distant subjects. Switching on vibration reduction via the main menu is an absolute necessity when using long focal lengths, but it keeps things relatively stable and smooth. Contact Email Newsletter. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. Share Tweet Comment.Nikon's new Coolpix P boasts an extraordinary zoom range and a suite of powerful stills and video features in a relatively compact body.

We loved the original P for its sharp lens and effective stabilization, but its unimpressive EVF and lack of Raw capture mode made it less fun to use than it could have been. The P addresses both issues and greatly expands the zoom range, which now caps out at mm equivalent. Take a look through this slideshow for a detailed overview of this powerful compact's key features.

I bought the coolpix and took 2 night shot with it. When you turn it on I got the display showing in the view finder and when you opened the screen you see the display and that is it. It was like you left the lens cap on it. I called nikon support and they walked me threw some items to do and yes they said there was a problem.

I had to send it back. I just ordered another camera and when it comes in it better work. I had, and returned this camera. Here are my observations First off, I purchased it mainly to take 4k video of the moon. My intention was to use the the P on an equatorial mount and use the remote control accessory to operate it.

First fail - Nikon does not allow any video operation from the remote - stills only! Second fail, in my opinion, is the stabilzation. It's just not good enough when compared to other sytems on the market. If you look at the many sample videos on Youtube, you will notice it immediately. I think Nikon needs to tweak this product and come out with an improved Mark II version. Then, I'll try it again. So sad! After I shot a lot of pictures with. NRW file, I can't edit it with Light room or Zoner Photo : I download and install some extension but it just display picture, couldn't edit.

Just got mine. I never thought I'd be able to say this again, but: well done, Nikon!

ken rockwell nikon p1000

If you had a full frame sensor in it you would not get the mm lens! Its been made as the best comprimise to get the distance, if you want a mm lens it will cost you 25k! Makes this a bargain from Nikon. Of course, that'd surely be one HELL of a lens! No way i would purchase this without reading a few detailed reviews on itthat will be very interesting. In case you haven't noticed one of the biggest complaints about this camera is it's ridiculous price. I've noticed price is probably THE biggest complaint about the P But it just shows that very many people don't understand what the P is.

If you can find another photographic device capable of equaling or beating this combination, please name it and its price.

A D with Nikkor mm F5. Yes, I'd prefer this D setup. It's not AF and it's not stabilized but if you think you're seriously going to turn either of those things on at mm you're not understanding the physics.

Tripod and manual focus are a must. Well, I don't believe you can stack teleconverters.Four years ago, the typical superzoom 'bridge' camera had a zoom power of around 50x.

Over the years that number has slowly risen, before leveling out at 65x. And then came the Nikon Coolpix P, whose 83x, mm equiv. Nikon's new Coolpix P has moved the zoom needle to 'ludicrous,' with an equivalent focal length of mm.

That's right, mm. This is a lens so long that we were able to fill the frame with a 1 meter 3. This does come at a cost, though. For one thing, the P is huge and its lens is challenged by a slow maximum aperture and thus diffraction and image quality can be compromised by the same thermal and atmospheric issues that are typical of images taken at extreme distances with any super telephoto lens. The P has a spec sheet almost as long as its lens.

From Raw support to a high-res EVF, the camera has just about everything you'd want in a bridge camera, save for decent battery life and a touchscreen a glaring omission. Image stabilization is a requirement on superzoom cameras, and Nikon's 'Dual Detect VR' reduces shake by up to 5 stops depending on focal length, according to Nikon. Beingit's no surprise that Wi-FI and Bluetooth are also onboard. If you want a camera with a lens that can shoot for the moon, then there's nothing else like the P I have read each page of this review.

My experience tells something different as I own this camera. This is my 5th Camera and I don't need to carry another camera as I can get pretty good results. It is a great all one camera with known limitations!

ken rockwell nikon p1000

Why can't Nikon make an one inch sensor camera with the same lens as P? It will be equivalent to mm 35mmstill a lot of camera with better image quality etc.

Sony RX10 M4 is an excellent example. See how big the Sony is with only a mm max range? See how huge the p which such tiny sensor?

A 1" sensor with that range would be insanely big There are many 1" sensor cameras to choose from with zooms up to 25x so why would Nikon want to have a tiny slice of that pie when they could have the X 4K P that is in a class by itself.

I have lusted RX10 IV for a long time, but it might be a bad time to buy it right now. New model might be coming, and prices might fall.

P is fun camera but too amateurish for me. Used p yesterday at Nikon CES booth.

Nikon Coolpix P1000: what you need to know

Even though it is unbalanced at mm and slow to zoom it certainly not slow focusing. I was taking pictures of people in the dark hall without any problems. What is interesting is that p could not focus on the same people. Thanks for an interesting review. The P appears to have an advantage over the P and P that no-one seems to have mentioned; it's got a hot shoe! I would have expected this to provide the light that the camera needs to avoid the use of higher ISO's, at least at reasonable distances, and enable users to obtain significantly better images.

I've been trying to find information on the use of flash with the P but can't other than that in the manual which states that the Nikon SB, SB and SB are the only ones that will work. I would also like to see some sample images taken with the P and flash, but again can't find any. Are DP Review or their readers able to comment?The Nikon P is a bridge camera with the headline feature of an enormous x optical zoom lens.

To give that some context, that gives you an equivalent reach of mm at the telephoto end. In fact, even some smartphones — such as the Huawei P20 Pro — have larger sensors. As this is a camera aimed at advanced enthusiasts, it also features manual controls and raw format shooting. Other interesting specs include 4K video recording, an electronic viewfinder and a fully-articulating screen.

The P has a fully-articulating screen. Joining the screen is an electronic viewfinder. The k-dot device is bright and clear, giving a great view of the scene.

Nikon P1000 ISS solar transit

There are a number of considerations to be taken into account when using such a long focal length. Perhaps number one is the difficulty in which it is to frame your subject at that distance — just a few mm of movement either by the subject, or by your hand can completely destroy your composition.

To get around that, mounting the P on a tripod can be useful for shooting — especially for relatively static subjects such as the moon.

Nikon has also incorporated a handy framing assist button on the side of the lens barrel — hold this down and the lens will zoom out to help you find the subject, zooming back to the previous length once the button is released.

In such conditions, images taken are vibrant and well-detailed. The biggest complaint I have about the P is its processing speed. On more than one occasion this led to missed opportunities as the subject wandered out of frame — something which is particularly easy to do when shooting at very long focal lengths.

Below is a selection of sample photos shot with the Nikon P over the course of our review…. The Nikon P is a camera oddity.

Nikon P1000 Review

The fact that it can shoot in raw format and offers manual control makes it a good option for enthusiasts who like that kind of thing. Bridge Cameras Camera Reviews. Nikon P Review. Sunday September 23, By Amy Davies. For Huge zoom range Manual controls Raw format shooting Against High price Very bulky Very weighty No quick menu Features The Nikon P is a bridge camera with the headline feature of an enormous x optical zoom lens.

Best travel cameras you can depend on Joining the screen is an electronic viewfinder. Sample Photos Below is a selection of sample photos shot with the Nikon P over the course of our review… Verdict The Nikon P is a camera oddity. Panasonic plans to release affordable full-frame L-mount mirrorless camera.

Home Photography Projects. Free photography webinars, videos and virtual events.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Less a superzoom than a megazoom, its standout feature is its x optical zoom lens, which offers a focal length range equivalent to mm and far outreaches anything else on the market. This huge barrel of a lens dictates that the P is a large camera, far bigger and heavier than most bridge models.

As mentioned above, this is a large camera. We found it painless enough to carry around for a few hours using the supplied camera strap. The camera features a large pop-up flash it needs to be tall to project light over the lensplus a hot shoe for attaching an external Nikon Speedlight flash or a microphone.

The screen itself is more than adequate, although a touchscreen would have been a useful addition, if only to help set focus points quickly. The screen can flip and tilt, and be made to face forwards if you feel like taking a selfie. The large lens barrel and right-hand grip give you plenty to wrap your mitts around when shooting, and Nikon has placed controls in logical, well thought-out spots.

Even videos can look fairly smooth if you manage to keep a reasonably steady hand. The P is also surprisingly nifty at shooting things up close. Put it into macro mode and you can extend the zoom to around mm and get lovely sharp results of subjects just a few centimetres from the front of the lens.

The in-camera JPEGs exhibit strong colours and very little noise at low ISO settings, but you do have the option of shooting in Raw format if you want to fully process images yourself.

Finally, a word about video. If you buy a product through our site we will earn a small commission from the retailer — a sort of automated referral fee — but our reviewers are always kept separate from this process.

ken rockwell nikon p1000

You can read more about how we make money in our Ethics Policy. Trusted Reviews Live Prices. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly.

We never, ever accept money to review a product. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. Home Reviews Nikon P Cons Bulky for a bridge camera Not strong in low light.

Trusted Reviews Live Prices About our deals. Trusted Score. Dimensions Width Millimeter Sam Kieldsen. Sam Kieldsen is a freelance writer specialising in home entertainment, consumer electronics and social media.As usual, the crops below are taken from the areas marked in red above. Things improve in the third crop from the centre of the frame which is sharper and a little more detailed, then the softness and very marginal colour fringing creeps back in the fourth crop.

One of the big design challenges with any lens, but particularly long zooms, is to maintain image quality across the frame from the centre to the edges, so hats off to Nikon for successfully achieving that at this focal length at least. Scroll down to see how the P fares when zoomed in to mm. The final crop from the right edge of the frame also looks a bit soft but crop 2 from the middle of the frame looks crisp and detailed. Scroll down to see how things look when the P is zoomed all the way in to its maximum mm focal length.

The slight granularity is more pronounced and the edges are less well defined as a consequence. This is true not just at the edges but right across the frame — the detail in statue crops from the middle and lower edge of the frame is quite soft. But the degree of difference, though not negligible, is quite small in return for having such an huge zoom range at your fingertips.

As usual the crops below are taken from the area marked in red above. By ISO the loss of detail is certainly noticeable at percent, though a casual observer would be unlikely to notice anything amiss at smaller sizes. All words, images, videos and layout, copyright Gordon Laing. May not be used without permission. Continue: Samples. Recent Posts Tamron 20mm f2. Buy me a coffee! Like my reviews? Website design by Coolgrey. Canon camera reviews Fujifilm camera reviews Nikon camera reviews Olympus camera reviews Panasonic camera reviews Sony camera reviews All Camera reviews.

Buy Gordon a coffee! Rent gear from Borrow Lenses.Take a look specification comparison of Nikon P vs Nikon P camera, the Nikon P camera features a lot of new and improved core specification. One of the major difference we are getting in between these two models are the massive zoom lens in Nikon P camera.

Despite of adding such a completely new lens, which extends the Zoom lens its predecessor camera from mm to mm, that is you are getting 42X MORE optical zoom range than Nikon P Its, a superb addition, and we really appreciate it. Nikon P camera now captures 4K video at 30 Frames second, the camera have a limit of 4GB file size or 29Min recording.

The camera weigh 1. Nikon P is one of the best Megazoom camera available with X optical zoom lens. No other camera maker is able to cross X optical zoom barrier.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review

One of the best multi-purpose camera out there. We highly recommend you to get Nikon P You can see in the Video above that camera is able to do massive amount of x optical zoom with the newly added zoom lens.

We are one of the first website to told you that Nikon p camera will going to have a x optical zoom lens based on the patent that Nikon.

After that with the Nikon Chinese compact camera, manufacturing unit was shut down. And Nikon p update was postponed at last year, we are the one of the first website to told you again that the manufacturing of the Nikon p camera is now being shifted to Thailand instead of China. Now, this page we will be having more Nikon camera zoom test videos as soon they are surface out.

Nikon p camera is one of the most awaited in Nikon Mega zoom camera, and currently there are no competitors in the market which are able to cross even 80x zoom mark from their compact camps. The sample images of the camera look really very good, Most importantly that details are not lost despite having such a massive zoom lens. Download Nikon P official Samples from here. The other major advantage of Nikon P camera 4K video options 30p and 25p. The camera features 7FPS continuous burst mode, but the buffer allow us to have 7 Shots only in single after that we have to wait few seconds to get the buffer free.

The camera also allow us to use Mic Phone port.


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